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We love motorcycles, whether it’s a Norton, Triumph, BSA, BMW, Harley-Davidson, Ducati, or a Vincent. You can’t beat the look, sound and feel of a classic motorcycle. Vintage Motor Shirts makes custom t-shirts for motorcycle enthusiasts. Our shirts have a cool, vintage feel that look great on both men and women. We design, print and package everything ourselves here in Los Angeles—and our products are guaranteed. We offer high quality, custom t-shirts and great customer service. Please check our site to see our latest designs.

Our current designs include a Vincent Black Shadow motorcycle shirt, a Brough Superior shirt and a Steve McQueen shirt, as well as Franz Kafka and Friedrich Nietzsche shirt—both sitting on vintage motorcycles. We also have many other designs. Check out our selection and get your custom shirt Today! If you see something not in your size, please let us know. For more information, please contact us here. All Domestic Orders are Shipped Priority Mail. THANK YOU FOR BUYING FROM US!