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We love motorcycles, whether it’s a Norton, Triumph, BSA, BMW, Harley-Davidson, Ducati, or a Vincent. You can’t beat the look, feel and sound of a classic motorcycle. Vintage Motor Shirts makes custom motorcycle t-shirts for motorcycle enthusiasts. Our shirts have a cool, vintage feel that look great on both men and women. We design, print and package everything ourselves—and our products are guaranteed. We offer high quality, custom t-shirts and great customer service. Please check our site for our latest designs.

Our current T-shirts include a Vincent Black Shadow motorcycle shirt, a Brough Superior shirt and a Steve McQueen shirt, as well as Franz Kafka and Friedrich Nietzsche shirt—both sitting on vintage motorcycles. Check out our selection and get your custom motorcycle shirt Today! If a shirt is not in your size, please let us know—and we’ll make one. For more info, contact us here. All Domestic Orders Ship Priority Mail. THANKS FOR BUYING FROM US!