Vintage Motorcycle Shirt

Vintage Motorcycle Shirt

Vintage Speed T-shirt

The Vintage Motorcycle Shirt has a unique history. What started out as a simple t-shirt design to promote a certain make or model of motorcycle, gradually grew into becoming one of the most popular t-shirt styles worn today. Even people who have never ridden a motorcycle, still love to wear vintage motorcycle t-shirts. They’re just cool.

When you look around at all the different motorcycle t-shirt designs around today, the designs that really stand out are the cool, old classic motorcycles from the 1950s and 1960s. There is the obvious choice of Harley Davidson and Indian for American tastes. And there are Norton and Triumph from the UK. And of course there’s the Italian and Japanese bike enthusiasts.

The shirts we like to wear and what many people lean towards, are the legendary bikes like the Vincent Black Shadow or the Brough Superior from the UK. These bikes were built around craftsmanship, high quality and standards, and unbelievable speed – for its time. The Vincent motorcycle was known as the World’s Fastest Standard Motorcycle. The Brough Superior was known as the Rolls Royce of motorcycles. Both of these hand built machines were expensive when they were knew, and continue to be expensive when sold at auction or privately.

T-shirts with these makes and models are highly desirable designs, just as the bikes were then, and remain today. If you love classic motorcycles,  you’ll love wearing a t-shirt with a Vincent Black Shadow or Brough Superior printed on the front. And while our Vincent Black Shadow t-shirt remains our most popular design, we have plenty of other classic and vintage motorcycle t-shirts that you may also like. Vintage Motor Shirts is the best place for motorcycle enthusiasts, who love to wear classic motorcycle shirts while they ride, or just heading out for a good time.

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