Vincent motorcycle brochure


Coolest Motorcycle Shirts in the World

In our continuing theme of paying tribute to classic Vincent motorcycle brochures, here we have one from 1948. Proclaiming The World’s Fastest Standard Motorcycle, we alter the theme a bit and proclaim, The World’s Coolest Motorcycle Shirts. And we couldn’t be wrong about that, because we feature The Vincent Black Shadow, one of our favorite motorcycles and shirts of all time. The original brochure sells for a fair amount on ebay these days. but it’s well worth the price. I’m sure they didn’t print too many of them, and the brochures that did survive are probably all worn out. So to find one in good condition is a rare find indeed. Vincent motorcycle brochures have been popping up quite frequently on ebay these days. Perhaps someone found a stack hidden away, or there are just a lot of people try to sell theirs for some reason. Motorcycle brochures are a great collectible, especially if you own one of the bikes in the brochure. Most people who buy a Vincent brochure probably don’t own one, but you never know.

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