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Fast Fun Powerful Shirts

That’s what we do here at Vintage Motor Shirts. We make shirts that people love to wear — whether they’re riding on their motorcycle or driving in their car, our shirts celebrate the vintage motor lifestyle. We aren’t some big factory, where we churn out hundreds of products each day. We take the time to make sure every single shirt we sell is of the highest quality and looks great! We make shirts that we would wear every day, continuously, through the weekend, or on a long holiday. And sometimes we wear our shirts to bed, wake up the next morning, brush our teeth and get back to work.

When we get ready for a big motorcycle event or car show, the first thing we think about is which t-shirt we’re going to wear. I usually opt for the Vincent Black Shadow shirt, since that’s one of my favorite motorcycles of all time. But I also like the Kafka and Nietzsche shirts that blend the world of motorcycles and literature. You can’t walk in a room with this shirt and not start up a conversation with someone about what it is you’re wearing. These shirts will get people talking.

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