Know Thy Shirt



Here is our tribute to the infamous book, KNOW THY BEAST, by E.M.G. Stevens. This is the definitive book on Vincent motorcycles. Printed in limited numbers, it’s hard to find these days, and sells for a pretty good price. This is a book we would like to see back in print again. Perhaps someone out there knows something about this. If you do know who owns the rights to this book, send us an email. We’re always looking for ways to help spread the word about Vincent motorcycles. Books like this should always be available, either in print or as an ebook. There’s no reason to keep this stuff hidden away from all the motorcycle enthusiasts of the world. I’m sure there are plenty of other great motorcycle books that are also out-of-print. With this brave new world of electronic tablets and devices, all books should be in print and available for everyone to read.

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