Scary Motorcycle Shirts

Motorcycle Shirts on Halloween

What are you wearing for Halloween this year? How about a cool and scary motorcycle shirt. What could be scarier than seeing Franz Kafka or Friedrich Nietzsche pull up on a vintage motorcycle? How about a Vincent Black Shadow motorcycle t-shirt? There is no other motorcycle that has a more frightening look than this classic British bike. The mere mention of the name causes some people to quiver and look away. Most people think Halloween is for dressing up and going to wild parties. We think the best think you can do on Halloween is head out on your motorcycle with a group of friends and roar through one haunted neighborhood after the next. Motorcycles and Halloween just seem to go together. Scary looking machines and cool looking people. We’ve all seen the image of the motorcyclist from Hell. So next time you’re thinking of what you should wear for Halloween, remember to include your motorcycle as part of the overall presentation. You’re sure to scare away the devil and all the other neighborhood kids.

What’s coming up after that? A Thanksgiving ride and shopping on Black Friday. This year is coming to an end fast. So be sure to tell everyone where they can get some great vintage motorcycle shirts. Vintage Motor Shirts is busy creating some great new designs. So stay tuned for more exciting images to come.

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