Vincent Black Shadow Holidays


Ready or not, the holidays are here! 2013 sped by quicker than a Vincent Black Lightning. And we are ready to celebrate. Get out your holiday decorations, your extra helping of everything, and enjoy the fun and festivities that this time of year brings. Sure, it gets dark out at 5:00, but all the better to enjoy the bright lights around the city. Sure it’s colder and there’s even a little rain and snow. That is fine with us. Just get out your warm leather jacket, your favorite motorcycle t-shirt, and head out for a ride, warming up the streets on your favorite motorcycle. We suggest you wear one of our custom t-shirts, if you want to impress your friends. I mean, how many people have a Vincent Black Shadow motorcycle t-shirt? And even if they do, it’s not nearly as cool as our is. Check it out.

So enjoy the holidays this season. And when you ask yourself what you should give your family or friends – look no further than a custom motorcycle shirt from VINTAGE MOTOR SHIRTS. It’s the season’s best-est and coolest gift idea! So give generously and give often. Giving is the spirit of the season.

Thanks for your support. We will bring you even more exciting t-shirts in 2014!

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